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CreateAI’s enterprise SEO software automatically creates backlinks that are optimizing your website for target keywords, placing your banner ads in front of every visitor.

Fully Automated SEO!

Within 6 months after introducing our enterprise automated seo software:

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Every backlink that is automatically created by CreateAI's Enterprise marketing software targets one of your anchor keywords from a different domain. This is the hardest, most time consuming part and the most expensive part of search engine optimization tasks.

What you get?

Automated SEO Software

New Domain Registration (pick your news agency name)

A fully loaded automated world news platform covering the latest press releases from multiple categories, directly linking to your brand's website, creating unlimited backlinks.

Automated SEO Toole

A blog network covering the most relevant and engaging blogs pertaining to your target keywords. (see blog page example: pricelessbuddies.com)

Automatic Event network with the latest events & concerts in your city (see your ads beside celebrity event ads)

Automated Blogging Software

Three Customizable Advertising placements on each piece of article created, fully automated.

Facts section that covers educational facts about your geographical area (Keywords pertaining to your company’s local area)

Frequently Asked Questions?

Is the news agency directly on my site?

No, a separate domain, can be 123news.com. The important factor is that CreateAI's Enterprise Platform automatically creates backlinks for your target keywords to your website. We highly suggest making a separate Facebook page for the Domain so you can benefit from our social media scheduler that automatically uploads your content on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. Forever.

Can I have a blog page on my company’s website?

Yes, CreateAI's starter product which only produces blogs that are automatically creating backlinks for your target keywords is part of our enterprise platform. You can pick any blog that you would like to schedule to release on your website, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. Creating backlinks for your target keywords, optimizing your social media presence, and increasing the traffic to your website.

How long is the Setup?

Setup only takes a few hours, you just need to book your call to talk to one of our staff so they can collect a few key information about your business and your current website. If you don't have a website, don't worry about it this could be your news outlet that generates CALLS! Book your call in the calendar below to get started on CreateAI's enterprise automated SEO software that automatically creates backlinks for your target keywords to your website or generates calls for your business.

How fast will I see results?

In short, you see results immediately but it will continue to improve daily. You will immediately receive backlinks that are constantly being generated and uploaded once you start. The longer the domain is consistently releasing content, it increases its domain authority which will improve your own company’s domain authority.

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