How an influencer marketing strategy can assist in your brand’s growth?

Influencer marketing is a highly growing marketing strategy to attract the target audience. Various companies are hiring well-known and famous personalities to promote their brand’s product. A successful influencer marketing strategy can assist you build brand awareness, increase you brand exposure and reach the target audience. Many marketing companies are now adding this strategy in their content marketing calendar and witnessing the change.

According to available data, more than two-thirds of North American retailers rely on influencer marketing to promote their product. Moreover, it has been found out that almost 50% of digital marketers situated in US and UK spend nearly 10% of the marketing budget on influencer marketing.

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What is influencer marketing?

Why influencer marketing works?

As per a survey done on Instagram, it was found that 34% of the Americans bought a particular brand’s product just because the influencer recommended and touted it to be the best product. Social media plays a crucial role in promoting a brand’s product as many people are present on either of the social media pages and follow influencers. This makes it clear as to why 89% of digital marketers believe Instagram is an important channel for influencer marketing as per statistics available in 2019.

6 Reasons Why Influencer marketing is impactful

There are many other reasons why influencer marketing works which are given below –

  1. It is a type of On-Demand Advertising
  2. Best influencers have a sound understanding of how to create amazing content
  3. Influencer content performs better than just brand content
  4. Hyper-targeting with Mega influencers gives excellent results
  5. Influencer recommendations bring in ‘The Momentum Effect’

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