Winter Season and Jobsite Safety Hazards

Jobsite Safety Industries like construction require a lot of outside work that is always affected the most during winter season.

While some work might be rescheduled for spring or completed inside instead, other jobs simply must be done in the cold weather.

During winter season, manual handling of the work involved in the project can become stiff due to too many sick leaves. This is a threat to everyone involved in the operation. More workers taking sick leave might lead to missing deadlines and professional contractors need to think about whether the workload can still be handled with less personnel.

To make working outside manageable, workers should be trained on how to behave in these conditions.

Winter is the time of rain, frost and slipping on slick surfaces. Treating all paths, including shortcuts and dirt roads, with grit is a must after each new snow or rainfall. Precautions should be in place now before the cold snap brings out any overlooked dangers—and potentially the first accident. A professional risk assessment remains the only way to be certain that all areas are covered.

Heating makes the air dry and eyes and throats itchy. It circulates viruses that make it hard to avoid catching a cold. Staff should be trained on how to heat and ventilate properly. For example, taking off sweaty clothing pieces during breaks to stay dry is key to avoid catching a cold. To prevent viruses, washing hands often and cleaning any communal dishes and plates thoroughly is important to avoid pass along bacteria.

Feeling down, less productive or less capable during this period is normal and should not be kept a secret. Feeling low in the darker months as days get shorter and darker causes the brain to produce less melatonin, which causes tiredness. This is due to less day light. Encouraging an open talk about mental health is crucial to create an environment in which workers feel safe and understood.

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