• New tease was released across WB Games Montreal's official social media account
  • Twitter user @ArkhamVideos stitched the images together to show the full logo
  • The latest continues string of teases from studio that Batman will battle popular villain group, The Court of Owls

WB Games Montreal continues to tease a new Batman video game with new images released on its social media accounts.

The studio released the images on Thursday across its respective Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Each image contained a section of a new logo with captions that read “Cape sur la nuit / Capture the Knight.”

Twitter user @ArkhamVideos put the three images together, providing a clean look at the new image.

WB Games Montreal’s latest images are the latest in a series of social media teases the studio has dropped over the last year. The last tease released in September featured a morphing logo accompanied by the same “Capture the Knight” caption.

It also continues teasing the Court of Owls as the villains Batman will battle in the new game.

The Court of Owls is an organization introduced during the New 52 relaunch in 2011 as a group tied closely to Gotham City’s history. It is a secret society that has controlled the city from behind the scenes while kidnapping children to brainwash and train as assassins, known as Talons. The group quickly proved to be a hit and has since made its way to the DC animated films and live-action show, “Gotham.”

A new Batman game from WB Games has been rumored since the release of “Batman: Arkham Knight” in 2015 and the departure of the “Arkham” series’ original developer, Rocksteady. WB Games Montreal was immediately rumored to be attached as the studio worked on 2013’s “Batman: Arkham Origins.”

The first Batman-related game was rumored to be a Suicide Squad-spinoff game taking place after “Arkham Origins,” but the game was reportedly canceled. The same fate reportedly befell a game starring Damien Wayne’s version of Robin, which had an alleged artwork leak last August.

Batman: Arkham Knight Dramatic Pose Batman looks into the abyss in "Batman: Arkham Knight." Photo: www.batmanarkhamknight.com