Toronto Entrepreneurs And Startup Network @ Toronto

Toronto Entrepreneurs And Startup Network

Welcome to Toronto Entrepreneurs And Startup Network (TESN)!
Whether you are just starting out in the world of business or are working on business number one-hundred, the Toronto Entrepreneurs And Startup Network's goal is to help you meet potential business partners, investors, and most importantly more clients.

You are here because you know this is the best time to start your own business and you are right! Established in 2015, today Toronto Entrepreneurs And Startup Network is the fastest growing organization serving the entrepreneur/startup community of the greater toronto area.

  Toronto Entrepreneurs And Startup Network members include but are not limited to: startups entrepreneurs, small business owners, angel and accredited investors, venture capital managers, crowdfunding experts, and people looking to enjoy the many benefits of being their own boss!

We invite you to learn more about Toronto Entrepreneurs And Startup Network , by joining us at our next networking, pitching or raising money through (joint ventures, syndications, crowdfunding) event.

Guests are always welcome and RSVP'ing is highly encouraged

Toronto Entrepreneurs And Startup Network


SAM Meetup Organizer

Group Topics:

Professional Development, Social Networking, New Technology, Web Technology, Career Network, Professional Networking, Small Business Marketing Strategy, Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur Networking, Young Entrepreneur, Startup Businesses, Angel Investors, Technology Startups, and Internet Startups.

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