The West Toronto Photography Group @ Etobicoke

The West Toronto Photography Group is a not for profit corporation created to help artists access photography and digital arts studio spaces, workshops and to help the general community through arts and fundraising .

If you enjoy photography and are looking to shoot in studio and on location we are the group for you. We offer the best bang for your buck as our professional instructors are volunteering their time and expertise. We use the money collected from workshops to pay the talent (models and MUA / hair stylists) and for the location the workshop is held. So more of your money is going into the creation and execution of the workshop .

Please come join us for a workshop! We look forward to shooting and sharing with you!

Come set your creativity free!

The West Toronto Photography Group


Phil Sutherland

Phil Sutherland

Group Topics:

Photoshop, Photography, Group Photo Shoots, Model Photography, Fashion Photography, Studio Photography, Food Photography, Fashion/Glamour Photography, Night Photography, Photography Exhibitions, Photographer and Model Workshops, Photography Social Club, Studio Lighting, and Creative and Artistic Photography.

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