The secret behind building your own apps? It's not as hard at you think.

TL;DR: This beginner-friendly JavaScript class is on sale for just $9.99 in the PCMag Shop. It's normally $199.99, so you'll be saving a whopping 95%.

Thanks to the rise of big data and machine learning, Python has become the fastest-growing major programming language in the world *and* the one today's developers want to learn the most, according to Stack Overflow's 2019 Developer Survey of nearly 90,000 coding professionals around the globe. You go, Python.

Given this, it would make sense for wannabe programmers to kick off their education with a crash course in Python, if only just to get a sense of where the industry is heading. But you'd be doing yourself and your career a disservice if you didn't acquaint yourself first with JavaScript, the most popular programming language for seven years straight.

As of October 2019, a whopping 95 percent of all websites on the internet are using JavaScript to some extent — hence why most hiring managers for web development gigs want to see JavaScript skills on your résumé nowadays. 

If yours are a little rusty (or nonexistent), don't fret: Coding rookies are more than welcome in The Complete JavaScript Course 2019, the top-selling JavaScript class on the online learning platform Udemy. It just went on sale in the PCMag Shop (which is owned by Mashable's parent company, Ziff Davis), and right now you can enroll for less than $10.

Featuring more than 26 hours of on-demand HD video training and nine companion articles, the class is designed to turn JavaScript newbies into advanced developers, and requires zero prior coding experience to get started. Instructor Jonas Schmedtmann, an experienced web developer and designer, aims to teach his students not just the language itself, but how to use it to solve problems — so in addition to learning programming fundamentals like loops and variables, you'll get hands-on experience with JavaScript by building three real-world apps.

"[B]y the end of the course, you will be a capable JavaScript developer" who is "able to write, understand and debug JavaScript code using all the powerful features the language offers to us," Schmedtmann writes on the Udemy website.

Visit the PCMag Shop ASAP to sign up for The Complete JavaScript Course 2019 for just $9.99 — 95% off its suggested retail price of $199.99. (You'll get access to its learning materials via email; be sure to check your Spam and Trash folders if you don't see it in your inbox within two hours.)

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