Josue Arteaga

Born in a small town in rural Washington state to immigrant parents, Arteaga did not have it easy. All of the success he has thus obtained, can be accredited to his hard work and relentless determination. At the young age of 17, his father lost his job during the same time period that his mother fell victim to an illness that required her to have surgery. This was a very tough period in Arteaga's life but instead of feeling sorry for himself and his family he used that pain to fuel his passion for business and entrepreneurship. Years later, he is a part of the top one percent in earnings for his age bracket. Arteaga achieved this by going into personal branding and working with both clients worth over $100 million and big name influencers such as Julius Dien, Sam Bakhair, Ed Mylett, Com Mirza, and Tonio Skits. Arteaga finally achieved one of his life's biggest goals when he was able to retire from his parents from their grueling everyday jobs. Recently, Arteaga had to deal with betrayal when there was a disagreement in pay with his former company which led to him having to step away from the business he had helped raise from the ground. Nevertheless, in true Josue fashion, he picked himself up and moved onto better things. He has now merged his personal branding business with Disrupt media where he is now the acting vice president.

Arteaga's success did not happen overnight, it has been a journey as it took him three years to finally earn any money while working in the online space. While still in high school, he tried several different ways to bring in revenue for himself and his family. He took a marketing job for a local bar but it did not work out as he was unable to bring in clients. He then moved on and tried to sell his friends empty garage and barbershop walls as an advertisement for businesses, but that didn't work out either. Arteaga then moved onto a new business venture, an online t-shirt business, where he actually was able to make $50 in revenue. Unfortunately for him, his website was shut down due to copyright issues and the $50 in revenue had to be refunded. Meanwhile he was testing out all these different business ventures, he was also learning SEO and converting clients and articles from Neil Patel which was going well. To some, this may have been satisfying enough but Arteaga's vision is not like anyone else's. He strives to be in different business ventures in order to have constant streams of revenue at all times.

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