Kapil Sharma Show: After heavy criticism, makers planning to tone down jokes?

Archana Puran Singh
Archana Puran Singh; Archana Puran Singh with Kapil SharmaInstagram

It has been over two years since the show's inception but the buzz around the Kapil Sharma Show refuses to die down. The show has been in the top ten of the TRP charts ever since it started airing. The social media fan base has only grown stronger and bigger with time.

While the Kapil Sharma Show has always been hailed for being family-oriented and packed with entertainment, it was recently under fire for the demeaning and body shaming jokes made on Archana Puran Singh. Although Archana Puran Singh does not seem to mind this at all and laughs heartily at all the jokes, netizens felt she was being disrespected and took to social media to vent it out.

Kapil's indirect apology

Recently, Kapil Sharma shared a picture with Archana Puran Singh and wrote, "Love u mam @archanapuransingh wish u all a very happy Saturday (sic)." Fans speculated that this was Kapil's way of apologising to Archana Puran Singh and pacifying netizens.

Talking about her equation with the entire team, Archana Puran Singh revealed that the team respects her a lot. In an interview with Hindustan Times, Archana Puran Singh has said that even though they crack jokes or go beyond the script in pulling her leg, they immediately come to her to apologise and hug her. However, Archana said that on camera they cross all limits and take complete liberty to make the audience laugh.

Upset netizens

"I stopped watching @KapilSharmaK9 pathetic shows ages back. He used to humiliate his audience to no end and most of his jokes with/abt his stage wife was either sexist or degrading!!"

"I committed a sin by staying glued to the TV for 5mins, just to watch John Abraham on Kapil Sharma's show, but these degraded humans are still garnering TRPs by shaming and joking abt ArchanaPuranSingh's physique on that show. It is 2019, where is the intellect, how is this Okay?" were some of the comments after the episode aired.

Few netizens even wrote, "Dear @KapilSharmaK9 it's a humble request please give some respect to @apshaha #ArchanaPuranSingh I know its comedy but the way u comment on her it looks so bad मन ऊठ जाता है please it's a request I don't think she gets paid to listen your insults @SonyTV."

Now, though we find it entertaining, we wonder if all the backlash would lead to the makers toning down jokes when it comes to Archana Puran Singh.

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