Google is adding a new set of true wireless earbuds to compete with the market leader Apple AirPods. However, the company has not provided much information about the specs and release date.

But, the tech giant revealed some fresh images of the upcoming wireless earbuds. The new Google Pixel Buds will feature a noise-isolating design as well as fins that lock the buds in the user's ear.

The Mountain View-based company first announced its wireless headphone, the Google Pixel Buds, on Oct. 4, 2017, at the company's Made By Google event. The first-generation Pixel Buds was launched along with two other Google-branded devices, the Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL smartphones.

Google Pixel Buds With Google Pixel Buds officially out, we can now compare it with other earphones available in the market today like Apple AirPods for instance. Photo: REUTERS/Jefferson Siegel

Some of the big features of the first Google Pixel Buds include the smart voice assistant Google Assistant, which allows the wireless earbuds to translate conversations in real-time. The device also featured web search, USB-C port, media connectivity and support for Bluetooth technology. Unfortunately, the company’s first-generation Pixel Buds have not gained much attention in the market and, instead, it fell miserably into the abyss. The device has received bad receptions and negative comments about the case design. 

In contrast, rival Apple AirPods has gained much traction and now accounts for a massive 60 percent of the wireless headphone market. However, Google has a big plan and wants a piece of the Apple-dominated wireless headphone market.

Daily Express reported that the new Google Pixel Buds will feature the company’s flagship AI assistant, which is the Google Assistant. Another big feature is the improved Bluetooth connection range. The company said that the new device will be able to extend its Bluetooth connection range cross three rooms inside a building.

The company's massive overhaul will include a brand new look. Google is dropping the fabric cord seen on the first version of the Pixel Buds. As expected by many, the new device will have better sound performance than the previous Google's wireless product.

As for the pricing and possible release date window, the Google Pixel Buds will reportedly start at $179 and this new device will not arrive until spring 2020.