[Exclusive] Wedding with Neha Kakkar on the show was for fun, and not real, says Aditya Narayan

There is a lot about Aditya Narayan and Neha Kakkar's wedding going on social media. While one has to talk about their wedding date, the other has a list of suggestions for them to pick the perfect honeymoon destination. But wait. Did anyone ask Aditya and Neha what is that they actually want? No. There is nothing that they want because they are not getting married at all. That is because they are not in love with each other. This is not something that we are saying, but Aditya Narayan himself has revealed to International Business Times India, exclusively.

There's a lot to read about your wedding with Neha Kakkar. But what is the truth, Aditya? Can you please reveal it to us?

Well, if I am going to take such a big decision about my life, don't you think I will be announcing it myself? I mean getting married is definitely a big news to anyone and something that one wouldn't want to hide. So how can I not share with my fans and public out there? The truth is that, something which began for fun became too serious and went out of our control. There is a lot happening on social media and this is all fake. Also, no media person has tried to approach us to know whether the news about our wedding is true or just a rumour. If they did, I would have revealed the truth long back.

Neha Kakkar, Aditya Narayan

Neha Kakkar, Aditya Narayan's Bachelor party on Indian Idol 11Sony TV

So you think people are writing and talking about it 'just like that'?

See....when you watch two actors getting married on screen, you cannot expect them to have babies in real life. So whatever is happening, it is on screen, as a part of the reality show. We do what the makers of the show ask us to do and that is for fun. All that happens for the TRP of the show. If people take it seriously and starting writing about it saying that we are getting married in real life too, I don't know what to say.

Neha Kakkar and Aditya Narayan's sensuous dance performance

Neha Kakkar and Aditya Narayan's sensuous dance performancePR Handout

So you want to condemn the news of your marriage with Neha Kakkar?

Yes. Of course. Also, did I or Neha Kakkar have announced publicly or on social media that we are getting married? No, right? So how can someone come to conclusion that we are getting married? It is hurting that others are deciding a lot about my marriage and I have no clue with what is happening. I request fans and audiences of Indian Idol to not to believe what is on social media. What is done on the show, remains to the show only.

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