Do Agencies Practice the Content Marketing They Preach?

Many agencies handle all aspects of the content creation, distribution and promotion but do agencies practice the content marketing practices they preach?

How effective are they at using content marketing to attract and retain their own audiences? Team

In fact, 49% reported that their agency is in the sophisticated/mature phase of content marketing. The sophisticated phase is defined as “providing accurate measurement to the business, scaling across the organization” and the mature phase as “finding success yet challenged with integration across the organization.”

Almost every brand uses a mix of advertising, traditional marketing, and content marketing today. 32% of agencies are very successful at content marketing while 46% are moderately successful.

21% of the agencies are reported to be in the young/first steps phase and 29% are in the adolescent phase.

The problem most of these agencies face is the Time & Cost associated with hiring a professional staff to properly manage and complete each part of the job.'s Online Marketing Solution, on the other hand, has a blue print of automated tasks that have been passed to it's Robots. These tasks has been carefully tested and successfully been used to market's own services.

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