Digital Transformation in Construction

Digital Change Survey shows that companies are more focused on improving process efficiencies with investments in technologies to digitally transform their company. The study indicates that the main reason for this digital transformation is process efficiency (44 percent of the respondents), followed by improved reporting and decision making (39 percent). 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools (46 percent) are flagged as the number one capability identified for investment, highlighting the need for more mature centralization and management of data internally.

This is followed by Big Data and analytics (45 percent) and Infrastructure as a Service (37 percent). Some 39 percent of construction sector organizations consider themselves digitally advanced, second only to aviation among the sectors IFS studied. 

The survey was commissioned by IFS to assess maturity of digital transformation across industries on a global scale. A cross industry report is also available. It was conducted as in-depth interviews by the research company Raconteur, who took in the views of 750 decision makers in 16 countries.

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