DevOps Toronto

The future of the software world lies in the co-operation of development, security, quality assurance,  operations and any staff involved in value creation.  Delivering top-notch products quickly requires automation, integration and collaboration.

This group is for people who share that vision.  I wanted to create a meetup for like-minded folks to share ideas, complain, layout plans and vision for the future, and generally enjoy great company.

Join us on Slack! Click here or here to join our team and discuss DevOps and the Toronto tech scene between meetups. 

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We'd love to hear you speak! If you have an idea for a talk you'd like to give or a panel discussion (with some suggested panelists you can help us wrangle) please post it here.

DevOpsTO loves partners! If you're interested in sponsoring the group, read more about it here.

DevOps Toronto


Steve Pereira

Steve Pereira

Group Topics:

Linux, Open Source, System Administration, Software Development, New Technology, Cloud Computing, Web Development, Professional Networking, IT Infrastructure, Configuration Management, DevOps, Automation, Technology Startups, Infrastructure as Code, and Internet Startups.

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