Apple’s Most Expensive iPad Pro Just Got A Lot Cheaper

Apple’s products are already pretty expensive, although the more you upgrade the storage, the more expensive it gets. Take for example the iPad Pro with 1TB of storage which was priced at $1749, and note that we say “was” because it seems that Apple has decided to drop the prices on its iPad Pro models.

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro with 1TB of storage has now been discounted by $200 where it brings its price down to a more affordable $1549. Granted, it’s still not exactly cheap, but shaving $200 off will definitely make it more appealing to customers who might have otherwise been forced to opt for a lower storage model due to price.

The discount also seems to apply to the 11-inch iPad Pro where its price has been discounted where it will now be priced at $1349. These discounts only apply to the 1TB iPad Pro models but unfortunately, if you were eyeing the lower storage models, their prices appear to remain unchanged.

It is unclear why Apple is dropping the prices on its 1TB iPad Pros, but perhaps they’re hoping to drum up some sales by reducing its price. Either way, it’s a win for consumers and professionals who might appreciate the added storage.

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