Enterprise Content Marketing Software for SEO

Enterprise Content Marketing Platform

CreateAI's Enterprise Content Marketing Software is an Automated SEO Platform that runs by numbers of robots that are on steroids! CreateAI's SEO platform creates tens of thousands of articles that are constantly optimizing your website for your target keywords, placing your banner ads in front of thousands of visitors, and above all, creating your targeted backlinks with no human supervision.

Every Real Estate Broker, Mortgage Brokers, Insurance brokers, and whoever that understands the power of search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing can appreciate the power of CreateAI's enterprise SEO platform and it's link building capabilities. You never have to worry about creating articles anymore!

What's included?

CreateAI's Automated SEO Software provides you with a fully loaded world-class news and blogging website that is dedicated to bringing the best articles for your audience. Your business is the sole sponsor of this news outlet which allows you to build thousands of pages with your ads and backlinks to your website.

Enterprise Content Marketing Software

World & Local News integration:

The best source of fresh content, by far, is news. CreateAI’s enterprise automated SEO software allows you to place your banner ads in front of thousands of audience by simply creating articles about the latest news.

Video Integrations

Videos are one of the best ways to keep your visitors engaged with your article. CreateAI’s enterprise content marketing software automatically creates related videos for the created articles which decrease user’s bounce rates and improves SEO results.

Blogger News Integration

CreateAI’s enterprise content marketing software matches the right blogger with your news outlet and allows you to broadcast their message to your audience along with your ad for sponsoring and publishing their message.

Additional Features 

  • optimize for multiple keywords
  • related videos
  • local fact integrations
  • multiple banner ads
  • user saved list integration
  • members CRM integrations
  • weekly blog newsletters
  • built-in social media scheduler
  • external RSS feed URL
  • Google analytics integration
  • Google webmaster integration
  • sitemap URL

Enterprise Content Marketing Software